Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What is a SAHM

What does SAHM mean?
SAHM is short for Stay at Home Mom AKA: Homemaker, Housewife
In the 1960's we were called Suzy Homemakers. Suzy Homemakers had their house sparkling clean and the food on the table the second their spouses walked in the door. Are things different now? Are we so busy now that we now abbreviate things to make life simpler? Are chores more tedious that it seems like we are never done? Are kids now more hyper than those back in the 60's?

Some think Stay at Home Moms are at home watching Soap Operas and eating bonbons all day. Magically the fridge is full, food is cooked, the laundry is done, the house is clean all the while we our toddlers are beneath our feet. During the day a SAHM wear more hats then their spouse. Below is a list of daily activities and what we should be paid.

Job title
Annual salary
Child Day Care Worker
Taxi Driver
Facilities Manager
Short-order Cook
Laundry Attendant
Administrative Assistant III
Accounting Clerk III
Licensed Practical Nurse
Plumber I
Automotive Mechanic I
Cake Decorator

Jobs listed in order from largest to smallest component of a stay-at-home mom's job. All salaries are national averages. Source:, 2004.

Now, when my hubby comes home from work is our house spotless? NO! We have a 2 year old, Dylan. This means you'll find a few goldfish and/or crackers on the ground, cars, books and other toys out. Dishes may be done and dinner might be thought of. I spend my day with our son and being with our friends. Our child's happiness and well being is what is important to us than seeing my reflection in the sink. That other stuff is just fluff that makes interacting with Dylan a little more enjoyable. As I sit here writing to you all I see our broom and mop out for use. To Dylan they aren't for cleaning, they are our guitars . We rock the house all day long!

So in short, am I a Suzy Homemaker? Nope and proud of it. I have a happy marriage, an amazing little boy and the best job on earth.... I'm a SAHM!


  1. You are fabulous! I am adding you to our blog too! I loved reading that!!!

  2. welcome to the world of blogging :)