Monday, June 1, 2009

Relaxing weekends

As a SAHM we are running round all day from the moment our children wake up, we beg and pray for naps (Some days we just don't get one) and then count the hours until bed time. We have a fun time with our kids, but we are constintly on the go. Toddlers attention span can be short so most of the time us SAHM's need to keep things interesting for them.

I was lucky to have hubby take Dylan out on Saturday so that I could "rest". I had a migraine, but had so much that I needed to get done. I expected for the boys to be back 2 hours later, but they were gone ALL day. I got my long list done, watched some Tori and Dean, baked for my princess cake and rested. I enjoyed my time allow, but missed my boys. I'm always with Dylan. I missed his, "what's that?" and the sound of his little feet running round.

When Hubby and Dylan returned from playing all day I wanted to have Hubby relax. Instead he ran out to get "beer" and when he returned he had picked up sushi for dinner. He thanked me for all I do with Dylan. It touched me so much. Here Hubby had Dylan all day and he's thanking me. So totally backwards, but okay.

As a SAHM we don't think that others around us notice what we do every day. We don't think our spouses are aware of all the tiny tiny things we do. This weekend I realized Hubby does notice all those little tiny things I do.

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